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Films were first introduced to the North American ACR Conference audience in 2001 in Austin, TX, where Russ Belk held a special session entitled “Videography Versus Written Ethnography in Consumer Research."  Two films were shown at this session: one by Rob Kozinets on Burning Man culture and another by Russ Belk on Consumption by the Nouveaux Rich of Zimbabwe. Given the success of this session, a formal film festival was held for the first time at the 2002 ACR Conference in Atlanta. Since then, film festivals not only became an integral part of the North American ACR Conference, but also got incorporated into ACR’s Latin-American, Asia-Pacific, and European conferences.

 *The links to films are provided as a service to our members. The films are not hosted by ACR and it does not endorse or make any other claims regarding the films’ contents. ACR cannot be held responsible for the content of these films or their copyright status. Any questions regarding these films should be addressed directly to films’ makers.

More than 125 films have been shown at ACR conferences.Films are generally assessed on four criteria (Kozinets and Belk 2006):

a.     topicality- topic’s relation to consumer research

b.     theatricality- film’s theatric flow

c.     theoreticality- film’s theoretical perspective

d.     technicality- film’s production quality

For a complete overview of the history and growth of Film Festivals in ACR, read Russ and Rob’s account.

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