The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (JACR)

The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research is a quarterly journal of thematic explorations from the Association for Consumer Research. The mission of JACR is to broaden the intellectual scope and interdisciplinary influence of the Association for Consumer Research.  More information click here

Editor in Chief: Joel Huber
Sponsored by: Association for Consumer Research 

JACR Policy Board for 2018 as follows:
Chair (one year term): Donna Hoffman
Member (two year term, chair 2019): Angela Lee
Member (three year term, chair 2020): Rik Pieters
ACR President (three year term): Stacy Wood
ACR Past President Meg Campbell replacement (to avoid COI): Pierre Chandon (as a replacement for the Past President, will have a two year term but will not serve as chair)
ACR Past Past President (one year term): Mary Frances Luce
ACR Executive Director, ex-officio: Rajiv Vaidyanathan