ACR/Sheth Foundation Grants for Dissertations in Cross-Cultural and Public Purpose Consumer Research

The Sheth Foundation, founded by Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Madhu Sheth, supports academic research primarily in the discipline of marketing. In collaboration with ACR, the Foundation provides grants to PhD scholars conducting dissertations on topics that deal with any aspect of (1) cross-cultural or global consumer behavior or (2) the public purpose of consumer research, which includes studies of social marketing issues or transformative consumer research related to individual, family, societal, or ecological well-being. Topics in the public purpose track can range from "bright-side" issues in consumer behavior (e.g., voluntary simplicity, environmentally efficacious behaviors, healthy eating, possession sharing/communal consumption, household saving and retirement, exercise) to "dark-side" issues in consumer behavior (e.g., addictions, crime, homelessness, poverty, excessive gambling, credit card debt, obesity), and also include other general subjects such as financial literacy, health care decision making, product safety, computer entertainment and virtual reality, elderly consumers, and handicapped consumers.

In the recent past, the Sheth Foundation has offered a matching grant of $10,000, which has been used to fund between two and four doctoral research grants to support the data collection efforts of new dissertations or those in the preliminary stages of development. Ph.D. candidates at the post-comprehensive exam, dissertation stage are eligible to apply. The Call for Proposals for the ACR/Sheth Foundation Grants is typically announced in early June of each year. 

Please address questions to Professor Ana Valenzuela (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College and ESADE – Ramon Llul University) at Ana currently serves as the liaison of the Association for Consumer Research to the Sheth Foundation.

2019 ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Grants for Topics in Cross-Cultural and Public Purpose Consumer Research