Who Should Join?

ACR is highly relevant for academics, practicing marketers and public policy makers who use consumer research in their day to day activities.

The organization currently has approximately 1700 members. Although the majority currently hale from academic circles, the Association strives for more varied membership in and encourages interaction among and communication between its various segments.

ACR welcomes membership and participation from a diverse group of individuals, including the following:


Research among current ACR members spans a spectrum from micro-level issues associated with individual consumer decision making to societal effects of consumption, and is hence relevant to marketing academics, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, statisticians, gerontologists , academics in consumer studies and academics in communication and media studies. Current ACR members publish academic research in some of the top academic journals in the fields noted above. Academics will be able to identify colleagues who share their research interests through the member search function. They will find considerable opportunity to interact with similarly minded academics at the ACR conferences and through the ACR Listserv. Academics will also be able to download all available Proceedings from the ACR Proceedings online database.

Practicing Marketers and Public/Social Policy Advocates:

Many ACR academic members are employed in business schools around the world, and as such share an interest in the marketing implications of their findings for marketing decision making, marketing communications, and public policy issues. By joining ACR, marketing practitioners not only have the opportunity to interact with leading academic scholars, they have access to state of the art research papers published in the ACR Proceedings online.Marketers who are members of ACR receive discounts on ACR conferences. Membership also enables practicing marketers to identify ACR members whose expertise may have a direct bearing on the business issues they face.

 PhD Students:

 PhD students will find ACR to be a very welcoming community.  ACR holds an ACR doctoral student symposium each year before the ACR North American conference that allows student attendees to interact with some of the top researchers in the consumer behavior field. First time ACR attendees to the ACR North American Conference receive a special welcome at the ACR Newcomer’s breakfast, and special recognition at one of the ACR luncheons. They will benefit by receiving email announcements of new positions open to academics through ACR Listserv.